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rushing off to get to a wedding. driving 100 miles per hour doing the highway. the cop goes after him, and he pulls in a church, does doughnuts, almost tips the car over, gets down, arrested. no wedding. back in jail. not a smart move. not at all. >> greg: or maybe a great move because he didn't get married. >> bob: that is a thought. it hadn't thought of that. i should have. >> greg: that is it for us on fiv "the five." thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. thanks, greg. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy of -- in for greg gutfeld. what is coming up on tonight's
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show? >> is asking children to sing christmas carols a form of bullying? our panel did not want to discuss this controversial topic, but andy is making them, bully. and it is almost that time again when we all rush out to the news stands to see who "time" named the person of the year. but we at "red eye" have an insight on who is in the running. this morning our team of researchers watched "the today show." and the court ruled that blaring loud music from your car is a protection of freedom of expression. >> as always, thanks for making the constitution all about you. >> let's welcome our guest. i am here with diane macedo. jonathon hunt is chief correspondent for studio b on the fox newschannel. and bill schulz, in his mind he is always singing "on my
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known." and sitting next to me is mo mo-rocca. he is on the cooking channel with "my grandma's rave -- ravioli." hi, pinch. >> check out bloomingdale's full page ad. seven new frugal rogues. you can't not buy a skinny legged pair at these prices. the prices between advertising and editorial are any less staunch, fyi,. ♪ the best part of waking up ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup and reading the new york times. andy? >> it was your fault, viewers, and i hate you for it. >> thank you. >> does away in the main yes, sir -- does away in the main
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yes, sir put them in danger? it claims it is unconstitutional and a form of bullying. and they are threatening to sue the school district unless tunes like joy to the world are scraped for secular crap. they wrote, bullying is a hot topic and that appears to be what is occurring here. when they are singing about the lord and savior, jew success -- jesus christ, that is not the place. meanwhile, this cat does not belong in a tub. >> this is what happens when you violate the separation of cat and tub. >> oh wow. >> okay, jonathon, welcome to the show.
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>> thank you. lovely to be here. >> in the parents' letter to the superintendent they said singing the songs made their kids uncomfortable. should they be taken into account? >> honestly i think it should. i have some sympathy with them. particularly if they are asking about songs that are about the lord and savior, jesus christ. if they are jewish, that's difficult. why not given the opportunity to sing jewish songs? having said that to call it bullying seems going a little far. are we bullying when we observe a christmas holiday? are we bullying when we take kids out of school for the jewish holiday? the only thing that would amount to bullying is making those kids listen to christmas carols sung by michael buble. >> christmas is essentially about bullying. jesus was the ultimate victim of bullying. crucifixion when you think about it. >> that was uncomfortable. >> well, it is because you started off one way and then you went another way.
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>> is it diminishing the word by calling it that? >> i think it is diminishing the word by calling it bullying. i thought everyone in montana celebrated christmas. but, no, in every song even the secular ones they swril a problem with it. "white christmas" could be interpreted as racist. >> especially if they are dreaming about it. get over your race. it has to be white. >> you hit the nail on the head. everybody is searching for reasons to call bullying these days. it is like the new trend. it is the new, cool thing to do. you find a reason to be bullied. no matter what you say and what you do people will say they are being bullied. it is diminishing in the way it is supposed to be used. the kids should be given the opportunity to sing songs of all kinds of religions. particularly if the school is that diverse. you don't have to take away the songs that represent the christian religion. just give kids a chance to
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sing a song from their holiday. in high school everybody sang them all, and it was a way to bring them together instead of dividing them. >> this is from the super inen it dent saying, you may not find this to be a big deal, but when my kids are crying because they don't want to be singled out, but when what they are doing is different they are singled out. >> i don't think that's true. i don't think the kids should be forced to sing a song that does president -- that doesn't adhere to their belief, but i don't think it is the school's responsibility to make sure that everybody feels included at all times. you give them an opportunity to siping a song where they are from. the christian kids can sing the hanukkah songs and the jewish kids singing the christmas songs. instead of separate categories have them sing everything. we did that and it is great. >> i don't think the problem is that they weren't having them sing them altogether. it sounds like the parents were saying they were having them sing altogether. >> but it sounds to me like
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they were only having them sing christian songs. >> that's not true. they sang the dreidel song and other uber religious hanukkah songs. >> i think the parents' case is silly then. if the kids don't want to sing they can opt out. if they want to sing, opt in. you can't say you want to opt out, but don't want to feel left out. at some point you have to realize life is not always full of comfortable decisions. make the call. if you don't feel you should sing the song stand by what you believe and don't sing it. >> we are talking kids here. >> everybody tries to make the world a pretty picture and you never have to make difficult decisions. sometimes you do. if the kid is that against singing the song which i don't think they are. this is something the parents are trying to put on their children. i think the kids will sing willingly. >> you have no evidence for that whatsoever. >> no, i don't. i am making a judgment call. in my judgment based on working with kids and singing and things like this, i never encountered a child that was
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that against singing a song from a different religion. that is the parents putting it on their kids and using their kids to make a political statement. >> if it has a good beat the kids will sing it. >> bill, i want to go to you. as a veteran on the war on christmas, your thoughts? >> i was part of the mall rats of 1989. it was rough time. i weirdly agree with everything everything -- part of what everyone on this table said. i agree that kids do not give a crap. they sleep walk through everything else and they are sleep walking through the lyrics. they are singing them, and they don't know what they mean. i agree with what you said. it is against the constitution, but it is not bullying. let's stop use the word bully. it is a b-word, boring. and i kind of agree with what mo said too. where are the jews in montana? and they said there are muslims there? what is this place in montana? i have been there and it is a little hippie. this is not the montana i knew.
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i used to work in montana. as the first sequential hemaphrodite ranch hand i was not received well. >> i think some of these parents have their happened up their butte. >> wow. >> this is a kid show. >> one of the songs kids sing is "joy to the world" which i think is about a person who gets drunk with a bull frog. how is that a good idea? >> that is not -- no, i agree. and let it show -- let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. >> it is clearly about cocaine jie. what is the name of it again? >> the superintendent's last name is apostle. his name is alex apostle. >> well, there you go. >> he can't be unbiased. >> absolutely not. >> diana i will go to you before we leave because i don't agree with you. i don't think the school
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should sing songs like good christian men rejoice and stuff like that. i think that is wrong. >> i understand that. i kind of thing you have to pick one or the other. either you don't have any or you have them all. the fact you have them all is fine. >> why not have all of the songs that are about the christmas season. frosty the snowman and rudolph and santa clause is coming to town. >> they could do that. i just don't see a problem with that including the religious songs if they include the religions too. i wouldn't start a boycott if they only did the secular ones as well. i don't see a problem with it either way as long as they are being inclusive. >> why don't they just sing british drinking songs and can sell christmas, period. don't you listen to o'reilly? >> person of the year? more like particle of the year. it is the meaning less cover. other potential choices, ceo marissa meyer, mohamed more
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see -- mohamed morsi. the young activist from pakistan who survived an assassination attempt. undocumented americans. bill and hillary clinton, president barack obama and finally the perennial favorite. >> yes, i hope that's true. >> it is clearly not unfortunately. >> meanwhile, this beaver has been named beaver of the year. can i say that? >> are you not supposed to tap the glass. there are clear signs there. >> they announce it tomorrow morning.
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>> like me will you be too excited to sleep tonight? >> i am curious. >> i like when they do the thing like the computer. i think when they did that everybody mocked "time" magazine. >> it means forward thinking. >> >> all right. >> i mean, kim jong-un is the number one in the on-line survey. >> right, right. >> that would be kind of fun. >> you know what i am going to wait. i will get to that later. >> jonathon, tatum channing is the clear choice.
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>> we were just talking about religious bullying and that is religious bullying and the way she stood up to them. whether you like him or not he is affecting the world. and it is too late now. it is probably too late, but i mean, that would -- as a way of memorializing them, it would be a wonderful thing. >> question, why did they nominate the undocumented americans and president obama. isn't that redundant. >> i am not even going to go any further. >> i have to disagree with mo completely. it is a copout when they do things like you and undocumented workers. do they ever pick one person anymore? in 2006 we all won it. if you considered yourself a protestor you all won. it how prestigious can this
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award be? i don't know if anybody really cares about this anymore, and i don't because i don't think it means what it used to mean to get time man of the year now person of the year. it is not a person anymore. >> it could be anything. >> you were named person of the year by homeless junky magazine. that's after coming in second for eight straight years. you were known as the susan luci of the homeless junky award. >> you can't be at the same time. there was an eight-year running thing going there. i don't want to give you a little behind the scenes, but forget the list and just focus on the names that will affect the news stand sales. that's all you have to know. the problem with the names we just mentioned, no news stand sales. boring, boring, boring, bill clinton, boring, obama, more boring. >> is it lyndsay low than then? >> maybe. i would do that.
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>> the gangnam style guy? >> this is why i was fired for most of the jobs i have ever had. but i am going to throw two words out here, kevin clash. elmo has brought joy to millions, and he was, and i will say it again, he was framed. it was four times over. man of the year. >> mo you mentioned kim -- kim gung u.n who came in second. is there a conspiracy here? >> i am not sure. is there a conspiracy against him? i wish he would get it. i want to see him do the gangnam-style dance. it is his way of celebrating. >> it could be that. it could be that. but i do think bad guys getting it is a thing that they used to do. i think they just really
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woosed out of doing that. hitler got it and stalin. did osama bin laden ever get it? >> darth vader got it two years running. >> i don't think that's true. >> you can look that up. >> it was confirmed in 2012, but it has been around since the beginning of the universe. it seems unfair to give it particle of the year. >> and i have no idea what any of it means. they say that really does affect the world, but i don't know if it has affected you or me. >> i haven't slept since. >> you haven't? >> i think we are back to the let it snow cocaine. >> the man of the year can explain exactly what that is. i don't get what it is. the scientists aren't explaining. >> does no one think it is going to be president obama? >> no. >> i don't even know if it is obvious, but if i see obama's face on the cover of time again, i am not pick toping. >> -- i am not picking it up jie. he was the first black
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man to be elected. >> he has already become the first black man to be elected. >> i just don't know that there is enough of a body of work. we have the nobel peace prize. >> he passed obama care. no one wants to give prizes to one person. everybody gets it. >> how about salted caramel vodka? >> coming up, our gender neutral easy bake ovens. you are watching fth c on stick around -- are you watching fnc on "red eye."
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>> they are putting the bro in hasbro. they wul unveil a -- an easy bake oven who launched a campaign urging them to make one for all kids. >> they were only marketed to the girls and ads pea touring a lad. she started a petition with 40,000 on-line signatures and even got the backing of a bobbie flay. they welcomed her to the headquarters and showed her a prototype of the new easy bake. bottom line, they caved to a kid. >> that was awful.
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>> it was just -- >> just the right size to go for an easy bake oven. >> i would definitely not say that ever. jonathon, hasbro says they have been working on this for 18 months. that's corporate speak for we just painted over the old one. >> designers working for 18 months and they eventually come up with black and silver. that's great. by the way, what is wrong with pink and purple? i don't understand it at all. >> they basically came up with the carolina panther colors. black, silver and blue. >> and they had a good run. >> black, silver and about to be a franchise. >> from you a boy who wants an easy bake oven, then you probably want it in purple or pink. i don't see what the point is. if you are a little boy, and i am just telling you and you go to the black and silver you are overcome pen say thing.
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you are overcome pen say thing. you can feel comfortable enough to do that. >> you joke about it, but it is true. >> i actually think it is backward to say we should paint it. what are gender neutral colors? >> that's true. if a boy wants one, then his parents -- >> i think we can crawl before we walk there. >> cooking for the younger generations is associated with being a female think. as we look at adults they are -- there are as much famous men chefs as women. it doesn't make sense that the stigma exists for the younger generation when it doesn't translate to the older. >> what it turns out is men are even better at that. >> what do you have? >> if we ever decide to start cleaning you are really screwed. >> this is our plan.
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don't you understand? you guys have that tactic where you pretend to be bad at everything where we just do it. >> i didn't want to go back to this, but no one entertained the idea of hillary on the cover of "time." >> the article did. we are talking talking about realistic things. >> we lifted bill and hillary off the undocumented. >> bill, you make your christmas dinner in an easy bake every year. are you going to stick with the traditional pink and purple or will you switch over? >> i will stick with the traditional. why not? it is just painted over. that's like what you said. the easy bake ovens work. >> when we were growing up they were just a light bulb. >> i think it has to be more than a light bulb. no kid has the patience for that. the only loser in that is her
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parents. we coddle and spoil our children and give them trophies when they don't deserve it as it is. an entire company catered to a 13-year-old. this pope or whatever her name is is unsufferable. >> good for her, right? >> this is a great thing. people particularly in this country have this notion that anytime there is something or they think is unfair they have to go to the government for a solution. she didn't do that. she used her own marketing ability to put this out there and got enough support that she changed the company's mind and got them to do something. she used the free market. i support that. >> i said i thought it was stupid not to market because you are cutting out 50% of your potential market. from a strictly business perspective, it makes no sense. i think they heard me say that. >> i can tell you that kids love watching food tv. this is not self-serving. little boys and girls love watching things come together. >> you know what, that makes total sense. they are not at the age where they are constantly dieting
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yet. they eat whatever the hell they want and they don't have to worry about it later. i like that. >> moving on. got a comment on the show? e-mail us at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. still to come, the half time report from tom shaw lieu. tom shillou. it is sponsoredded by christmas lights. thanks, christmas lights.
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we are back. let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. lets gee to young tom shillou. >> that's nice. story one. i think you guys were all out to lunch on this story. i thought i was going to see a uninimity of opinion calling these people a bunch of crazy cranks. but you all seem to agree with these people. you don't think religious songs should be in schools. first of all, jonathon, it said said -- dash who is hosting the show? andy. he said if this makes kidshoulde school cave? yes, it should. but shouldn't that be something that is left up to music teachers? >> no.
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carry on. >> is this not about education? should teachers be able to decide their own curriculum? >> if they are on christian songs or jewish songs, there is a certain fairness there. i believe educate kids in every religion and then kids when they are adults can choose. >> we are talking about music mere. here. would you agree if somebody is starting an art class they should avoid the sisteen chapel? >> no, they should look at all forms of art. >> what about public art? that's terrible. >> that's another thing. andy said should these kids be singing songs like good christian men rejoice. why not?
12:32 am
this is the menc, the music educators national conference. they grapple with these issues all the time. they are always dealing with whiners like yourself. they said in their guidelines they say is it possible to study communism? >> you said whiners. i heard jews. >> we'll get to that. it said is it possible to study communism instead of promoting the seeds of revolution, then yes it would be possible to study sacred music without the sectarian points of view. great for the music educators association. the problem is their guidelines are ignored by the schools. they are all trying to be secular for your suggestion. >> that's actually not my suggestion. i have absolutely no issue with teaching sacred music in music appreciation class. >> i believe you said why not just sing songs like frosty the snowman. >> at a concert, absolutely. two separate issues.
12:33 am
>> at a concert aren't you showing what you have learned for the semester? in my high school we sang. we had to learn that chorus. >> my only point is, at a concert i don't think you should be having -- you should be forcing or making it awkward for kids of other faiths to sing christian songs and vice-versa. >> i would say suck it up and sing the songs, kids. >> in all honesty, it is easy for a christian to say that. >> do we have to agree? do we have to agree with the lyrics of all the songs we sing? it sounds silly. >> no, but i don't believe -- i don't think you should tell jewish kids they have to sing songs about christ the savior. i don't think you should tell christian kids they have to sing about the prophet mohamed,ett set raw.
12:34 am
>> are you not supposed to sing songs about the prophet mohamed anyway. >> we willed dit that out. >> mo, you were asking about the number of jews in montana. looks like 1200. >> how many muslims? >> i don't know. i only had time -- there is a lot of information. >> although when you think about that 1200, there are more jews at a deli in williamsburg than there are in all of montana. >> and catholics. i love those delis. >> i wasn't talking to you. >> did i harp on diane? she said they should sing songs from all different religions. did you do that in your school? >> yes, but clearly you weren't listening to anything i said. you said we all agreed and disagreed with you. that sounds like it is not the case at all. >> to tom's credit, you are a
12:35 am
girl. >> we did as well. we also sang "oh hanukkah, oh hanukkah." we sang songs from all over the place. everybody participated and not because they were forced to, but they were fine with it. it brought us -- like i said, it brought us closer together instead of putting this one in this box and that one in that box and this one can't say this or sing that. >> well, it sounds like the parents in montana are actually up in arms about these specific songs. they don't want to sing about god so they don't want these religious songs. >> i think the parents are trying to make it about the kids. this is about the parents. >> you are actually right on that. andy disputed that. the evidence is in the story. the kids aren't complaining. the parents are. >> the parents wrote a let torte super inen it dent. you -- the parents wrote a letter to the superintendent. jay how about little miss easy bake. she was good at writing letters. >> a fair point sir,.
12:36 am
i would caution you against sitting up here and saying things that may or may not be true and asserting them as facts. >> particularly when you are sitting in my seat, thomas. >> that's when you know i am angry. >> story two was the person of the year from "time" magazine. here is a question. here is a little trivia for the panel. the man of the year, the first one was lindbergh, when did it become person of the year? was in 1947, 1986 or then 99? >> i am saying 1986. >> 1961. >> 1999. >> andy it was 1999. >> wow, it took that long? >> he was man of the year until 1999. can you believe it? >> you have not come a long way, baby.
12:37 am
>> loss, john -- also, jonathon was making a point that the award for person of the year should go to someone whether good or bad. you were saying that morsi he has been a influential person. that's a controversy in the world of the person of the year. the ayatollah was named the person -- well i guess at that time he was named man of the year. everyone was up in arms. it forced "time" to backpedal on that a little bit. they did not -- who asked the question? they did not make osama bin laden. >> he was on a list. >> he was on the list. >> but they made hitler the man of the year. >> it is not a prize. it is who is affecting the world. who has affected the world to the greatest extent that year? i think that is a perfectly valid point. >> the editors said it was the most influential good or bad. that's why they made stalin and hitler. but things did get out of hand. there was such an outcry that the times appear to have
12:38 am
buckled under the pressure. they have not been following that ever since. and yes i agree with diane that there has been many copouts. the last three years, ben better fan key and mark zuckerburg and the protestor. >> ben better fan key was not a copout. i thought it was courageous to name somebody that boring and sure they meant it. no one was going to buy that. >> i was going over the last three years. i thought the protestor was a copout. >> i think the bigger problem with the bin laden thing was variety's under 50. that wasn't cool. >> that is definitely not cool. >> you know kim jg-un is buying millions of copies. here is another trivia. the year osama bin laden did not get it, who was the person of the year then? >> oh gosh. >> well, osama bin laden didn't get it every year. >> protestor. >> the year he died? >> it was 1, and it was rudy
12:39 am
guiliani of the -- it was 2001 and it was rudy guiliani. >> i am done. thank you, andy. >> thank you, tom. coming up, what will he have to say about the cooking channel show? nothing if i decide i don't want to conduct this interview. maybe behave between now and then.
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should you be docked if you want to rock? the supreme court struck down a law that made it illegal to blare loud music from cars. a man received a ticket for blasting justin timberlake on the way to work. they said it was playing music that was, quote, plainly audible from 25 feet away. he challenged it and the court ruled in his favor. they said it violated the first amendment which allegedly guarantees freedom of expression. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> jonathon, you said "sexy back" your anthem.
12:43 am
so i guess are you cheering this decision to the high heavens. >> timberlake should be blasted at all times everywhere for all of us. i wonder -- would it violate the first amendment rights if these were religious christmas carols? >> no. >> good. thank you for clearing that up. >> mo, isn't this one of the many, many instances where things are annoying and you can't make them illegal? >> gosh, i know i am supposed to love the bill of rights. it only applies to certain things. "sexy back" is great, but it is not like it is a great protest song. you are going to have to blast it loudly to annoy anyone. >> which could also explain why he was playing it loudly. if you could criminalize something, adam levine would not be walking around freely. >> there are a lot of things where you say why do you
12:44 am
always try -- anyway. i am just going to answer the question i want to answer. >> sure. >> it is a safety issue. if someone can hear your music plainly from 25 feet away, when you are inseed your car and you are standing on the sidewalk your music is too loud. you cannot hear a siren or car horn or anything else. forget how annoying you are being which it is annoying. it is a safety issue. >> wouldn't they have to set a decibel level? >> that is not that hard to do. >> they can't hear anything else going on. they want to get through the intersection and some jerk drove through the red light because he couldn't hear the siren. >> you have been yelled at for blasting nickel black in the dumpster. you must be happy to have this courtroom to back you up. >> i am over these guys. it doesn't matter whether it is justin timberlake or a blood curdling scream. have i a new guy that -- i have a new guy in the office.
12:45 am
it is the guy that doesn't use the earphones. he thinks whatever youtube he is looking at or awesome video everyone else in the office will appreciate it too. and everyone else has to put their headphones on so they don't have to hear the guy who is entertaining you? >> how about the guy who crappings it to such a loud and uh >> the guy who cranks it to such a loud amount that everyone else has to hear it. >> and the person chit chatting in the car on amtrak. i know that is an east coast thing. >> you are right. i think we should compromise on this and you are allowed to play your loud music, but we are also allowed to tas you. >> whoa. >> compromise. >> tree dom of expression. >> walking on to the subway before people get out? >> don't get me started on that. next topic, tatoo artist cat vandee wassen gaged.
12:46 am
was engaged. she accepted the engagement by tweeting i can't wait for christmas so katherine van-drassenburg, will you marry me. >> the whole name in a tweet? >> diane, you recently gotten gauged. if he had asked you over twitter , would you have punched him in the face? >> i would have said no. i would have put the ring on first and then punched him in the face. >> i have a sad story. can i tell it because it is actually a funny sad story. >> go. >> this reminded me of a story of a friend of mine who was broken up via facebook status. he found out his boyfriend's relationship status went from nothing to in a relationship with somebody else. >> wow. and he didn't even unfriend him before that? just let him see.
12:47 am
>> wow. >> well, i apologize. >> he tells it now and it is one of the funny stories we share. >> is dead mouse efficient? he proposed without leaving the couch? >> i have no idea who kat-von-dee and dead mouse are, and i really don't care. >> it is dead mouse. >> oh there he is. i still don't know who either of them are. >> they look like that kind of people though. it is surprising you don't know them. >> didn't see say something like she wanted to squeeze the something out of him? >> i think so. i don't know what she wanted to squeeze out, what comes out of a dead mouse. >> i'm assuming if they have kids if it is a boy it will be a dead mouse with pa -- with a six. and it is vat-van-e. >> kat-van tractor and yet it was the other girl with the
12:48 am
nazi tatoo jesse james dated? check her up and down. >> once again making assertions that are not true. ahead, a performance by our musical guest, the brothers johnson.
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mo has a host called "my grand mother's ravioli" and it features recipes from grandparents in this land of ours. it airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. let's be with him now in the form of this hard-hitting journalistic interview. mo, what was the inspiration for the show? >> guilt because my grandmother made these great big sunday meals, and like a lot of kids probably i would like to think a lot of kids i showed up right at the last minute. you woffed it down and it was delicious and take off. if i could go back 30 years i would show up at least 15 minutes early or 20 minutes early and learn something. it is pathetic that i am 43 years old and i don't know how to cook. you have to learn from grandparents. >> what have you learned about recipes and possibly life and love from america's elderly? >> listen, i have learned -- well, i have learned a few things. how to make a lot of different things. i learned in the first episode how to make and say --
12:53 am
[inaudible] and i learned you get it from a gentleman are and it is not a shanda it is a takashanda which is not a japanese department store. i learned how to make fried green tomatoes from a 91-year-old grandfather. and i also learned that people who don't want to be on tv desperately are much better at being on tv like the grandparents we found. they were like, yuck. this guy wants me to be on tv with him, i will. they did it despite themselves, and they are so much better because of it. >> did you ever get hit on? >> no, i got like -- mary my polish grandmother after two days she said to me, all right, it has been real, kiddo, now get out of my house. that's the closest i have been to hit on. >> any food where you thought,
12:54 am
this is going to be awful, and then it turned out great? >> i knew the green curry duck from my grandmother would be great. i am trying to think -- there was one i was not sure about and it was fluffy. >> you don't like it? >> you have to have. >> let me -- andy, i will make it for you. [inaudible prp. [inaudible]. >> that wasn't bad. >> what is next? >> what is the best recipe have you on the show? >> the best recipe i got on the show the parogi and the fried green tomatoes, the ruladin was great from my german grandmother and the napolitanos made me manicotti
12:55 am
and it was fantastic. >> i love how you refer to them as your grandmother. grandparents i have to say, i love my parents. we all i'm sure love our parents. but the relationship with parents and children can be more complicated. with grandparents it is pure and simple and easy. they also just say what is on their mind. everything is kind of crystallized. they know what matters. they don't get all caught up. >> is that code for you had to bleep a lot of racist stuff? >> actually his views on women were interesting. >> she 91 years old. afterward he told me what a woman's role is. it is afterward one of our producers said that is hilarious. sanitize them and make them cuddly grandparents. >> it airs wednesdays on the cooking channel. check it out. we will close things out with a post game wrap up. go to fox eye for
12:56 am
recent shows.
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." greg returns as your host and return appearances from joe devito, remi spencer and reasons nick gillespie. you think that is on purpose? time to go back to tom shillou for the post game wrap up. thomas? >> thank you, andy. diane, when can we see you on huckabee? >> this saturday the 22nd. >> beautiful. jonathon, what is new? >> the producers asked me that in the green room. i had nothing, but since then bill schulz has asked me to have a drink with him. >> wow, that really puts you in some select company. >> you also knows what happens if i don't show up for "studio b." you will know where to look. >> mo, where can we see you on sunday morning? >> on cbs with cbs

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